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IDEAL Strategies enjoys working with clients from many fields.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Startup Messaging
Community Education | Website Content

When a social entrepreneur started the community-based science education program BioTopeka, he needed a message and brand to convey everything he hoped the organization would become. After finishing the necessary foundational documents, IDEAL engaged Graphic Artist and Web Designer, Tim Middleton.  They created a website with both terrific visual appeal and expressive written content to strike the perfect balance for this fledgling organization.  


IDEAL creates great branding that uses words and pictures to tell your important story.


IDEAL Strategies developed our core message and all the necessary content, and then brought in a designer able to create just the right architecture and landscape for our website. Terry's commitment to our success makes her a valuable part of the BioTopeka team.  ~ Dr. Kevin Hahn, Founder & Director of BioTopeka

Terry took time to learn a lot about us before giving us options that could work. And I got to keep control of the final product which makes my inner control freak very happy. ~ Kail Marie, CEO of Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, Inc.

Communications Teamwork 
Animal Sanctuary | Nonprofit Marketing

Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. is a nationally recognized refuge for abandoned parrots. After meeting with the CEO and volunteers to learn about what makes the organization special, Terry translated their thoughts into high-impact Vision, Mission and Values statements supporting their passion-driven goals. Working with organizations as part of their team allows IDEAL to convey authentic messages so they can connect genuinely and meaningfully with audiences.


Collaborations with IDEAL lead to secure successful futures.  

Science Demistified
Technology Startup | Traditional Marketing

Mycroft AI, at the 2015 Kansas City Maker Faire.  TTech startup Mycroft Holmes, LLC needed a flyer to promote their artificial intelligence system, erry worked with the development team to "translate" complicated technical concepts into language that was accessible to anyone - Techie or otherwise.  Booth attendence at the Faire was off-the-charts and not one flyer copy remains. Mission accomplished!


IDEAL communicators translate industry jargon into texts everyone can understand.


IDEAL is great at helping us make our technology understable by anyone.  

~ Kris Adair, CFO of Mycroft Holmes, LLC.

When we need creative content done fast and right, we call Terry at IDEAL Strategies LLC.  ~ Delfino Barajas, CEO of Technology Group

Timely Collaboration
Technology Group | Social Media Marketing

iHelpU.netWhen , a boutique technology support group based in Topeka, Kansas, needed last minute assistance with content for a client's social media marketing campaign, IDEAL Strategies stepped in to lend a hand.  With the help of web-based collaboration tools, the iHelpU crew quickly provided IDEAL with a few video clips selected for use in the campaign.  IDEAL retrieved the media, composed several calls-to-action, and returned the finished products to in less than 90 minutes.   


IDEAL uses the latest technologies to ensure quick project turn-around times.

Startup Corporation | Business Plans approached IDEAL Strategies LLC for help getting their first-draft business plan ready for review by top-tier investors.  Already successful Kansas City edutainers, this talented duo was happy when IDEAL gave their narrative the personal tone and technical flair it needed.  But they were really thrilled when IDEAL arranged for an internationally renowned investment fund manager to review the proposal, thereby helping them further strengthen their plans for the future.


IDEAL has access to resources that may be able to support your business or nonprofit.

The reality is the H3 movement would not have been exposed to important investor feedback if it weren't for IDEAL's connection! Again... Thank you for all you have done!   ~ Reggie Gray, Co-Founder of H3TV    

Business Connection


Working with Terry and IDEAL Strategies was great. After just five group meetings she put together just the plan we needed. The formatting was easy to follow and content covered all the bases. We're implementing the plan now!  ~ Jill Enyart, Co-CEO for Operations. Independence, Inc.

Greater Impact 


Service Agency | Strategic Planning

Independence, Inc wanted to expand its ability to help consumers living in predominently rural communities near Lawrence, Kansas. First, however, they needed to determine how to reach those potential clients. IDEAL facilitated a short series of brainstorming sessions to build, and wrote the narrative for, the expansion plan they are following today.


IDEAL's strategic planning services make a difference for your organization.  


Make the Case


Higher Eduction | Research & Presentation

When Northwest Missouri State University sought to expand its signature American Dream grant program, IDEAL's strategist conducted in-depth research to identify organizations that have supported similar programs in the past.  She then drafted a 16-page white paper presenting the University's strengths, building a case for support that could be shared successfully with potential funders and community stakeholders.


IDEAL's professional research and assessment services help your organization build a strong case for support.


Terry is a wonderful person to work with and very open to new projects and new ideas. She is also very detail oriented and extremely strong on follow up and follow through. ~  David Shadinger, Assistant Professor of Communication.  Northwest Missouri State University.

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