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IDEAL Strategies LLC

Strategic Planning & Writing Services

for your successful communications

When you've got something to say, 

we're the folks to help you say it.

Strategic communication and great writing from 

IDEAL Strategies LLC help get your message heard.

We use 5 IDEAL Elements to help your communications

ATTRACT attention, ENGAGE your audience, INFORM

your readers, and MOTIVATE your clients.

Terry A. Manies, M. Phil, IDEAL Strategies' CEO, is a

strategic thinker and writer who brings a wealth of experience to every project.


  • Over 20 years as a professional writer

  • More than $22 million raised for clients thanks to effective communications

  • Works successfully with companies and nonprofits in areas including Economic Development, Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail Sales, Politics, Arts, Higher Education, Elder Care, Social Service Agencies, Technology and many more!

IDENTIFY your audience

DEVELOP your message EMPOWER your customers ASSESS your efforts

LEVERAGE your success

Terry is a masterful writer and an awesome collaborator.  She has extensive knowledge of her field, exudes energy and is a dedicated project manager. Her personality evokes passion for her work. And when you mix passion with brains, you get Terry, a great recipe for success.

~  Susan Wade, Director of Career Services at Baker University.

Contact us today to schedule a free communication assessment and learn more about what IDEAL can do for your business or nonprofit!
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